Eelko Moorer

Eelko Moorer's practice is concerned with de-familiarising objects whilst challenging traditional notions of beauty. In Eelko’s work there is an underlying preoccupation with balance, often taken to extremes through his focus on the psychological and physical impact that designed objects can have upon the human form.

Eelko’s response to Footnotes is Anxiety Island, which uses orthopaedic shoes within the Balance section of the Footnotes exhibition as inspiration. Eelko has created a virtual reality environment which embeds the audience in the work, creating the feeling of imbalance when moving.

He will draw upon his research into phobias and anxieties – agoraphobia, acrophobia and claustrophobia – to create an environment which will temporarily disrupt the user’s visual perception. Anxiety Island is in collaboration with Peter Hill from London College of Fashion, UAL’s Digital Anthropology Lab, a group of researchers facilitating experimentation in digital technology.

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