Elke Dannenberg

Elke Dannenberg was born in 1970 in Meissen.

In 1986, she started to train as a porcelain painter at the Manufactory. From 1990 to 1992, she first specialized in painting sculptures, but in the years up to 1999, she concentrated more and more on painting new designs like “Arabian Night” that are based on the artist Prof. Heinz Werner.

Since 1999, she develops new motifs herself. She also did an additional training that focuses on the technical background in the evaluation of paintings. In 2007, she became the head of the department “new paintings”. Until 2012, several other areas of expertise were added to her domain, such as Fine Living and gold. Due to further additional trainings, she obtained the title Master of ceramics, the highest possible professional classification in craft in Germany.

She now regularly paints the precious porcelain pieces in the category Fine Art, and has shown her expertise during numerous visits in Europe, the US, Dubai, and Japan, representing the Manufactory in many prestigious events.

Besides being a talented painter, she has done several English language and IT courses, took sales seminars and did professional product decorations. Her hobbies are reading, traveling, enjoying theaters & concerts, and – of course – painting. When she wants to work out, she goes on ski tours and does mountain biking.