Emily Smith is a designer-maker with an exploratory spirit, based in Winchester. She experiments with different metals and techniques to craft wearable and decorative objects. Gathering inspiration from an amalgam of ideas intertwined with humanity, her current work revolves around taking something with negative connotations and turning it into something positive. Her hope is to encourage people to look into their own lives, to start acquiring knowledge and seeking opportunities in which they can do better by other people, and themselves, alongside her, as she tries to do the same.
Emily’s brooch is from a collection entitled ‘Make Jewellery Not War’, a collection of little wearable sculptures that serve as a reminder to not only see the good in as much as possible, but also to be it. 10% of sales go to Médecins Sans Frontières; recycled and scrap materials have been used where possible. ‘Make Jewellery Not War’ is a contemporary series of designs crafted from sterling silver, melted brass shell casings and ebony. Looking to not only decorate people, but homes too, each of Emily’s statement pieces have been designed to incorporate some form of stand, so that the piece can become an ornament.

Emily is part of Design-Nation, presenting at The Future of Craft, Oxo Tower Wharf for London Craft Week.