Emily Stollery - Portrait

Emily Stollery

Education- 2015-2018 BA Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University (Exceptional First Class Honours).

Recent exhibitions-Tangible nothings and Momentary happenings (solo), Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019 (group).

​Recipient of the Pangaea Sculpture Fabrication Award 2019.

“Led by the seductive properties of materials, process and assemblage then run in parallel in order for the work to emerge somewhere inbetween. Materials meet instinct to create forms born out of spontaneity; the in the moment to and fro of maker and material. I choose to shift, and reappropriate the natural associations we have with these materials, in a way that somewhat goes against the ‘rules’ of my chosen medium. Breaking them out of the confines of what we know they are capable of, and perhaps suggesting an alternative. Seemingly hard transformed to a fluid form. Softness frozen solidly in a fixed state. Alluding to many things leaves you suspended in a state of unknowingness. For why should you need to know everything?”