Emmanuelle Moeglin

Emmanuelle Moeglin

The passion of French perfumer Emmanuelle Moeglin is to demystify an art form often shrouded in secrecy.  After learning the science and secrets at the prestigious perfumery school ISIPCA, Emmanuelle Moeglin became a fragrance expert and perfumer with over 12 years’ experience in the fragrance industry, having worked internationally for global brands (L’Oreal, Puig) and renown perfumer houses (Symrise).

In 2016, Emmanuelle founded Experimental Perfume Club.  Her all access micro-perfumery is nestled in the heart of East London and specialises in bespoke perfume creation, taking visitors onto an olfactory journey through a series of workshops and one-to- one consultations.

Since opening, the EPC Lab has welcomed thousands of visitors from all over the world, to create their own scented stories. Creativity is key and with the world’s best ingredients sourced from all over the world, alongside Emmanuelle’s industry expertise, the EPC Lab is a space dedicated to the art of perfume creation.