Errol Nelson Pires

Errol Nelson Pires’ interest in textile art started when he joined the National Institute of Design (NID) as a student in 1970. The resource centre provided him with his first introduction to the work of fibre artists from other countries. He was educated as a designer for industry and following graduation in 1975, worked for nine years in the textiles and leather industry returning to NID in 1984 as a faculty member.

Errol’s research into the techniques of Ply-split braiding – a technique that is used to create camel girths/belts is found in the desert regions of Western India – has led to experimental work using various techniques, and resulted in pieces he considers ‘Art textiles’, including a collection of one-of-a-kind dresses. The first dress has been acquired by the Whitworth Museum in Manchester, with the further 16 dresses acquired internationally.