Jewellery artist Esna Su grew up close to the Syrian border in Turkey. Her practice has been greatly informed by these origins and also by techniques handed down through generations of her family.

For London Craft Week, Esna Su will make a sculptural piece using traditional Turkish techniques learnt from her mother and grandmother. For her, she recognizes that everything starts with wheat, from the careful process of distilling vodka, to the representation of human life, fertility and bread – essential parts of life. Su’s sculpture will symbolize the family’s long history and dedication to their craft, as well as to one another, with 11 stems of wheat made in copper thread, using a Turkish crochet method translated as ‘tighten needles’ – chosen to symbolise the 11 generations of the Nolet family,exchanging knowledge and passing down of skills. In addition, 327 porcelain wheat grains made by women from the ‘Sarabande family’ will be part of the installation, symbolizing the years passed since the family distillery started, in Schiedam.