Fanny Boucher

Fanny Boucher graduated in 1998 in intaglio engraving at the Ecole Supérieure des arts et industries graphiques Estienne in Paris. Then, she specialised in the very rare technique of Talbot-Klic héliogravure au grain, a photo engraving process.

This art results from the transfer of an image onto a copper plate, using photosensitive gelatin. Treated with acid, the copper matrix is then covered in a thick layer of ink, which the engraver wipes off with a cloth, so that the only thing left on the rag paper, when the plate is put through the hand-turned intaglio press, is the material necessary to the reproduction of the image.

In 2000, she created the studio Hélio’g, where she realises her own artistic projects and collaborates with international artists. She received the Maître d’art* distinction in 2015 and she is from now on committed to pass on her skills and techniques to Marie Levoyet.

* Every two years, the French Minister of Culture appoints less than ten “Maîtres d’art” for their skills mastery and their commitment to pass on their techniques to another person. This apprenticeship may last up to three years.

Photo credit: 
Eric Chenal

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