Felicity collects wild flowers and plants (including, Daisy’s, Shepherds Purse, Grasses, Clover, Cow Parsley) from the Petersham Meadow. She then presses the flowers and after two months starts to use these within her ceramic work. The Petersham Nurseries collection includes Teapots, Tea Lights, Vases, Jugs and Bowls. Using porcelain and white earthenware slip (liquid clays), each ceramic piece is unique with real flowers and plants fired into the clay. All the pieces are hand painted using underglaze colours creating a watercolour effect. The rims of the ceramic pieces are topped with either gold or platinum lustre.

Felicity Jones lives in North West London, a mother of four (Jill, Madeleine, Theo and Lydia), plus two dogs Lucy and Lottie, her walking companions, and Charlie the cat.