Floris Wubben




Studio Floris Wubben was founded in 2009 in Amsterdam, where he continues to produce all of his work. Wubben is renowned for his unique products that sit at the intersection of functional and sculptural design. His pieces are sold in galleries and shops around the world and held in museum collections such as the Design Museum Holon (Israel), MAD (New York), Gewerbemuseum (Winterthur), Mint Museum of Craft and Design (Charlotte), Noordbrabants Museum (Den Bosch) and Museum of Arts and Design (Singapore).

Floris Wubben uses low-tech machines which he designed himself. The unique process involves extruding ceramics through these innovative machines. In some instances, Wubben cuts away several parts and adds additional structural elements, giving the pieces an entirely new form. His work includes vases, stools, tables, chairs, cabinets, lamps, and mirrors. They are all finished with epoxy or glaze in a variety of colours, which Wubben selects himself.