Frances Pinnock



Frances Pinnock is a London based artist with a practice encompassing drawing, sculpture and movement. Translating thoughts around the body and space into objects, her work explores the dichotomy between tension and release, between formulaic and intuitive movement and between motion and stasis.

Ideas surface through walking and non-performative movement work, and sculptures often play with formal elements of mirroring and balance. Fabricated through a labour-intensive process of pattern cutting and hand stitching, Pinnock draws material and making references from backgrounds in puppetry and accessories. Oak tanned leather acts as a core medium within her work and facilitates a thinking that oscillates between two and three dimensions. Working across a range of scale-from handheld objects to large floor standing works incorporating welded armatures-unlikely forms appear to balance in space. The sculptures within this exhibition are part of two separate corpora of work that consider our bodies in relation to space and the objects around us, and the idea of reverie as a place we can access through walking.

Frances Pinnock studied Modelmaking at the Arts University Bournemouth and Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. Following her BA she trained in hand sewn shoemaking and worked in bespoke leatherwork, developing the skills that influence her current practice. She has exhibited her work in both the UK and the US, at fairs including Collect, London and FOGDesign and Art, San Francisco and is an award recipient of The Leverhulme Trust, Arts Council England and the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust