Founded in Vienna in 1951, FREYWILLE has since become a synonym for luxurious jewellery featuring unique artistic motifs made of fire enamel. Taking inspiration from the great works of artists like Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh or Sandro Botticelli as well as elements of art history, the in-house-artists at FREYWILLE create new artistic artworks with every collection. To this day each piece of jewellery is produced in the company’s own manufactory in the heart of Vienna, mostly crafted by hand during an elaborate process.

The only company worldwide to create artistic jewellery, FREYWILLE is driven by a deep fascination for culture and or example deeply collaborates with Claude Monet Foundation or Hundertwasser Foundation to create homages to these unique artists.

Today the company is operating more than 30 boutiques worldwide and is also represented by highly renowned jewellery partners.