Freya Bramble-Carter & Pallas Kalamotusis Portrait

Freya Bramble-Carter & Pallas Kalamotusis

Freya Bramble-Carter is a ceramics artist based in London, creating work with a strong connection to the natural world. Freya has been working with clay since she was a child, firing pots in her father’s studio from a young age. Her father, Chris Bramble, has been a ceramics artist and teacher for over 30 years, and they now share a studio space in Kingsgate Workshops, London. With hand-sculpted figures assembled from thrown forms, both functional and non-functional, they bring together a cross-generation of contemporary references to ceramic sculpture and a love of traditional European and African craftsmanship in ceramics. There is real joy and a sense of community in the studio celebrating creativity itself with others around.

Freya has recently explored other styles of working, including a collaboration with Pallas Kalamotusis who is an interior designer. The result is a mish-mash of Freya’s urge to return to traditional styles and Pallas's love of colour and ancient Greek pottery. Their work shows the connection and enthusiasm the two girls had whilst working during this time, sparking ideas with one another and having fun creating. Freya anchors her practice in teaching; sharing the craft is very important to her whilst holding a caring, healing space to help those that are drawn to her ways. She appreciates the beauty of the craft and slowness of the artform. Allowing the release and ease of emotions helps one with learning about themselves and the constant momentum and flow of life. Each piece of her work is created as a meditation and spiritual activity. Allowing positive energy to be moulded through the flow of making into the clay, to be captured in form, for another to love and appreciate.