Gabriela Kucharska

Gabriela Kucharska

Youth comprises a significant element of Gabriela’s sparkling armoury: buoying her creativity and artistry, pushing her to imagine pieces which go against the accepted norms or accepted styles.

Gabi is transfixed by a the jewellery industry; the United Kingdom has had incredible relationships with designers from all over the world basing themselves here and producing the most exceptional pieces. It is this which inspires Gabi every day. The industry has been essential to Gabi’s progression with supportive individuals and institutions guiding and advising all the way through her eight years in this fascinating world. Gabi found herself at The Goldsmiths’ Centre after advice from some of these individuals, completing the foundation course in 2016.

After the demanding and insightful foundation course she developed new skills to add to her growing talents; enamelling, silversmithing, designing and subsequently producing jewellery herself. On the back on her exceptional aptitude & dedication Cleave & Company offered Gabi a 4 year design apprenticeship. During the apprenticeship she entered a Craft and Design Competition being awarded a gold medal for the designs she entered.

More success followed, featuring in the national press, The Times – ‘Rising stars 30 Under 30’. Successful completion of the apprenticeship in the Summer of 2019, from the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths as their first ever designer in over 700 years remained the icing on the cake. A new career with Cleave & Company beckoned.