Garden of Desire



The roots of Garden of Desire go back almost five decades to the tumultuous era of the Khmer Rouge, when a young Cambodian boy was separated from his family and forced to flee to Thailand and, subsequently, France. Years later Ly Pisith found solace in art and, ultimately, his covation in design. For years, he built his career as a product designer for Alain Mikli, Starck and other haute couture international brands in Paris. His career trajectory then took him to Singapore where his innovative designs won clients and awards alike. During this time, Pisith met art curator Agnes Lim, with whom he found a shared love for jewellery. 

Pisith had also begun to be submersed by thoughts of his first home. In 2007, he returned to Cambodia. A year later, the Garden of Desire jewellery gallery was born, co-founded by Agnes and Pisith. The brand showcases contemporary jewellery designed by Pisith and handmade in silver by him and his team of respected craftsmen. Pisith creates jewellery that is innately linked to his Cambodian roots. Embedded with meaning, his works refer to the past, present and future, expressing his positive aspirations for his country as well as paying homage to his culture.

In their commitment to giving back to Cambodian society, Pisith and Agnes are passionate about providing enduring employment with fair work practices and enhancing the trade. They are also devoted to reviving a beloved artistic tradition and placing Khmer heritage at the forefront of global, contemporary design.

Garden of Desire will be featured in Dia Guild’s London Craft Week exhibition, A Luxury Craft Journey Across Southeast Asia. Learn more about Garden of Desire here.