Gizella K Warburton

Gizella studied Printed and Woven Textiles at Manchester Metropolitan University and her current practice has its origins in stitched cloths. Gizella creates wall works, sculptural pieces and installations, that include works on slate and weathered wood grounds.

The work has a raw and simple materiality grounded in resonant and sensory experience of place. Layers of detail are revealed or hidden as light and shadow pass across and through surfaces echoing the transience of emotional and physical landscape. Abstract compositions evolve through the tactile and contemplative process of drawing with paper, cloth and thread. Their making involves a series of ritual processes; wrapping, binding, layering, piercing, knotting, stitching and suturing and burning. The burnishing, staining, abrading, shadowing and marking of surfaces continues the dialogue I quietly have with each piece, and that which it has in relation to others within a series.

She is a member of ‘Contemporary Applied Arts’ in London, through which a piece has been acquired for the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

She is also represented by Browngrotta Arts, who present museum-quality contemporary artworks by artists working for the most part in fiber.

Gizella is also a member of Design-Nation and is participating in their event 'Head, Hand and Heart: Design-Nation at Helen Yardley' for LCW 2018.

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