Grace Chen


Grace Chen worked as a designer to the movie stars in New York and Los Angeles for 15 years, before setting up her own label in Shanghai in 2009. Regarded as one of China’s most influential fashion innovators, Grace Chen’s designs transcends time, place and culture.
Grace Chen’s designs comprehend a wide range of business: formal, casual, evening gowns, cocktail and wedding attire. She creates modern designs for silver jewellery from Miao ethnic group in Southwest China’s Guizhou province, where the silversmith craft has 500 years of history.
“I started jewellery design with my recent fashion collections. Of course most importantly, we need to protect and preserve the fascinating artistry of this craft, so the making of our silver jewellery goes back to the hands of the silversmiths in the Miao villages. How to combine seamlessly with the ancient craftsmanship of Miao Silver Jewellery and the modern style of our Grace Chen jewellery? The principal is to find the similar styles and elements, such as the geometric shapes, lines and dimensions, so the fusion is natural, balanced and powerful.” — Grace Chen
This process and marriage of design is very successful. The Miao Silversmiths didn’t know that the craft which they carried as an ancient heritage from their forefathers, could produce such beautiful modern jewellery. Chen says: “Silversmith craftsmanship is just a part of a whole process, it needs modern designs to be carried further… Only modern designs can bring the traditional heritage of a handmade craft into people’s lives, and bring artisanship of Miao culture to the world.”
Grace Chen,who aims to establish the iconic image of modern Chinese women worldwide,will continue to carry on the heritage and the essence of the beautiful Miao Silver jewellery, by bringing them to people’s lives in modern times.