Graham Ashford

Graham Ashford started full time armouring in 2008 after winning a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust award to apprentice for three years with Master Armourer David Hewitt of White Rose Armouries. He makes armour for reenactors, collectors and museums alike.

Working closely with clients from initial contact, through research, manufacture, fittings and finally after-care & support Graham prides himself in creating a unique experience as your tailor made armour is researched, designed and produced. All the while endeavouring to build a working relationship between the client and the armourer which is so important to a superb fit.

A well made, bespoke suit of armour should fit well as wearable steel sculpture representing the very heights of historical fashion.

Working principally on plate armour from the 14th to 16th centuries he copies the regional, period and artistic styles of each piece and creates a modern tailor made replica for his customers, many of whom go on to fight in the armour.