Harriet Caslin

Harriet Caslin designs and makes ceramic lighting and tableware, predominantly from slipcast porcelain. Drawing inspiration from midcentury design and op-art, her work explores the use and repetition of line to create fluid, immersive patterns which translate to unique, functional and tactile homewares, finished with super soft satin glazes for everyday use. Also inspired by the use of light in her practice, Harriet’s works explores thebalance between craft and design:using digital and handmade traditional processes, she has developed techniques to push porcelain and its natural translucent quality to its limits in the production of her lighting, to achieve a transformative result fromday to night.

Harriet’s crisp digital designs are softened and warmed through her hands-on approach. Making plaster moulds and mixing the casting clay and glazes connects her to traditional techniques used within a variety of craft practices. She loves the idea that users of her products will enjoying their considered details, saying “How tactile the cup feels in your hands when drinking tea, how the porcelain light completely transforms when it’s switched on -to me this is what creates an enduring and enjoyable relationship between the owner and the functional objects that they use every day.” Harriet joined the Design-Nation portfolio in 2020.