Helena Doyle is a multi-disciplinary artist, filmmaker and educator working across mediums including installation, video, fulldome, street theatre and land art. With a background in film, her arts practice developed from a desire to create ‘real time’ experiences that encourage connection and contemplation.

Sanctuary is a major theme in her work and she creates immersive ‘soft architecture’ inspired by sacred geometry, folk crafts and Zen design principles. The relationship between nature and technology features in her work and she’s interested in sustainability, biomimicry and self-organising-systems. Her renowned, large-scale aerial sculptures have toured to festivals and events across Europe. She has exhibited in a broad range of contexts from galleries and museums to a planetariums and a pop-up garden. Creating multi-sensory work is important to Helena as she believes this makes contemporary art more inclusive while reflecting life more accurately.

She holds a BA from the National Film School of Ireland and an MA in Art & Media Practice from University of Westminster, London.