Helena Lacy is a London based Sculptor and Ceramicist. Helena creates abstract sculptures from clay usually based on the female body as a form. She likes to take separate aspects of the body that are traditionally feminine such as the curves of breasts and hips – these parts are then put back together, creating an abstracted expression of the female body. This is the theme behind a lot of her work, being re-inventive with a single form. Helena’s vases play with heights and levels, to create unique practical sculptures that are for displaying both succulents and cut flowers together. She draws inspiration for these vases from the Japanese art of flower arrangement, Ikebana.

Peckham Craft Show is excited to be showing Helena’s work for the third year in a row at Copeland Gallery between the 9th to the 12th of May. Helena’s work will be exhibited alongside 50 mixed media makers in curated still lifes.