Hugh Miller specialises in gallery-standard contemporary furniture in wood. Hugh trained as an architect and sees his furniture as small pieces of architecture, where the concept is embedded within the intricacy of the detail.

Hugh's studio is founded on a set of Japan design principles developed during his Churchill Research Fellowship in Japan. This formative experience has left an indelible mark on the studio and is evident across Hugh's portfolio of work.

Hugh's furniture collection is made in British elm, Japanese bamboo, brass, and Japanese calligraphy ink. These materials illuminate the duality of cultural influences that underpin the studio.

Hugh also designs for established luxury brands. Recent collaborations include a coffee table and side table for Benchmark Furniture, two ArtSuite bedrooms for the IceHotel in Sweden, and a special edition gift box for Savoir Beds.

Hugh’s work is based on a set of design principles developed during his Churchill Fellowship in Japan in 2015. Made in English elm and brass, Hugh’s work explores contrast: between texture and smoothness; between hidden and visible; between plane and lath; and between lightness and solidity. These contrasts illuminate the duality of Japanese and Western cultural influences that underpin his work.

Hugh is one of the newest members of Design-Nation and will be showcasing his work in the upcoming Design-Nation exhibition: Head, Hand and Heart: Design-Nation at Helen Yardley.  

Hugh was part of the 2017 Walpole Crafted Class and is also showing at the Walpole Crafted Showcase during London Craft Week.