Isabel Fletcher

‘Clothing is the most powerful way of inserting art into the fabric of everyday life’.

As a material sculptor, Isabel creates immersive clothing installations that bridge craft forms, and encourage viewers to build a connection with the clothing they wear on their bodies. Her pieces constantly refer back to their creation, emphasising the craftsmanship involved and heightening the wearer’s appreciation of this. 

She works with materials not designed to be seen, such as carpet underlay, upholstery materials and bed springs.  By using craft techniques such as pattern cutting, embroidery, quilting and sewing, with these traditionally un-wearable materials, Isabel transforms obscure materials and forgotten objects into wearable works of art. After hosting Isabel’s exhibition during London Design Festival, Squire and Partners were inspired to commission Isabel to produce bespoke textiles and homewares for The Department Store. Working in this way further contributes to her ethos of inserting art into everyday life.