Jacky Oliver

London-based Jacky Oliver works mainly in metal, utilizinga range of techniques and processes. She creates work a varying scales, from small hand-held objects through to large-scale architectural pieces, work for commissions, residencies and exhibitions around the UK.

Jacky has a broad and open approach to exploring the various themes that my projects have encompassed. Drawing from narratives both contemporary and historic, herwork brings together research from museums, archives and working with others, to create work that builds up a multi-layered sense of a placeor event. Working in a process-led way means her ideas develop in a fluid way, so that preparatory research leads to thoughtful interpretation of the subject. Jacky selects appropriate technique, materials and scale, to create well informed and carefully considered final outcomes.

Jacky’s newest body of work was launched at the Crafts Council’s Collect Open in February and will be further developed for The Future of Craft. Jacky looks at the provenance of the food we eat and current environmental challenges. Through her work she demonstrates her continued interest in allowing combinations of materials and processes to respond to a narrative, to create thought provoking pieces.

Jacky has created permanent artworks for Leicester University Botanic Garden. She has undertaken residencies for‘Making Peace’ at the National Memorial Arboretum;D Day 70 for Poole Museum and Musée de la Libération, Cherbourg; and commissions for ‘Muse: Makers in Museums’ at Teign Heritage and‘Gather-ing’. Jacky joined Design-Nations’ portfolio in 2019.