Jiaxi Li [镓汐] is a London-based textile artist who focuses on innovative knit practice with multicultural influences. Before completing her MA at the Royal College of Art, Jia Xi majored in fashion design at Parsons School of Design in New York. She has built a multidisciplinary and interactive art practice in material exploration, art digitalisation, craftsmanship, and cross-subject collaboration. As a textile artist, she values the emotion, history, and humanity in each creation.

Her works explore escapism as a self-protecting mechanism in a biographical format. Human beings inhabit and interact with spaces physically and spiritually. Brimming over with objects that allude to the deepest self, the domestic environment encloses traces of humanity, history, and relationships. In her work, Jiaxi Li sanctifies and places reverence in the everyday and the neglected. Knot by knot, starting with threads and by changing the nature of knit, she builds 2D and 3D sculptures from material that should not stand up. A re-enactment of her environment — as a type of vagabond, isolated from family, pandemic restrictions, pixelated information — has resulted in a new relationship to home.