Jodie Strachan

Jodie is a bookbinder at Barnard and Westwood Fine Printers & Bookbinders. Her love of craft started from a young age and was nurtured through her arts-based education. One of the reasons why she strived to be a craftsperson was due the Foundation Diploma of Art and Design that she undertook before university. The course consisted of many different disciplines such as printmaking, ceramics and 3D Design. The intensive course introduced her to the heritage and traditions of many art forms, and she loved being able to get a foundation of knowledge and techniques to these tactile crafts. However, Jodie also admired how these traditional techniques survived in a fast paced, modern world, especially within the field of photography which she studied at university.

In Jodie’s first employment as a bookbinder she had a chance to work with more contemporary materials such as vinyl, acrylic and metal to cover books. However she did also feel that the contemporary aspects took away the special feel of a hand bound book. A UV printed leather cover could never match up to properly blocked cover; which is why she is happy to be working at Barnard and Westwood and learning more about traditional bookbinding techniques.