Inspired by the art of fragrance, Joséphine de Staël revives Parisian Art Nouveau fine jewellery techniques to reveal the polysensory wonders of the floral world.

Joséphine trained as a jeweller at the Haute Ecole de Joaillerie while researching her PhD on Parisian fine jewellery (Royal College of Art/ Victoria & Albert Museum, 2020). She specialises in the techniques of lost-wax casting and vitreous enamel.

Joséphine is mentored by the most renowned wax model maker in Paris who has a lifetime’s experience producing jewellery for the Haute Couture houses. Joséphine discovered the art of enamel in Limoges and trained with the world’s best artisans in Tbilisi and San Francisco. She is now following in the footsteps of the Art Nouveau masters to work with the President of the Japanese Enamel Association in Tokyo.