Joséphine de Staël



Joséphine launched her business in 2021, reviving the ancient craft of vitreous enamel for the creation of unique contemporary jewellery and objets d’art.

After reading Economics at Trinity College Cambridge, Joséphine followed her heart to study at Polimoda fashion school in Florence. A fascination with artisanal luxury production inspired her PhD in History of Design at the Royal College of Art/Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Joséphine moved to Paris to pursue her PhD research on Parisian fine jewellery production. Here she began her studies at the Haute Ecole de Joaillerie, where she obtained the French national CAP in fine jewellery. During the holidays she trained with one of the great enamel masters in Limoges, France. From the very first lesson she was enthralled by the complexity of the technique and the magic of the colours achievable. Joséphine’s childhood experiences accompanying her mother on anthropological fieldwork to the South Pacific inspired her to take on a role of artisan anthropologist, travelling to Georgia to study the cloisonné technique in its country of origin.

Joséphine is passionate about the history of jewellery and enamel and through her own work hopes to contribute to the continual evolution of this beautiful ancient craft.