Juan Junca is a furniture designer and maker with a passion for traditional crafts and modern design. He makes all of his pieces entirely at his workshop in Bermondsey, London.

He makes chairs, tables and cabinets with a modern look. He is inspired by the elegance and simplicity of mid-century classics and by the natural forms he grew up surrounded by in Patagonia. He designs comfortable pieces, to be used everyday: chairs with generous seats, soft edges, clean lines hiding structural complexities.

What he loves the most about making furniture is that these are utilitarian objects with a sculptural potential, objects that people carefully choose to surround themselves with, choose to be part of their homes and lives, passing them through generations until they become loved possessions with stories and emotions attached to them. In order for this to happen, two qualities are essential: a solid, long-lasting construction and a design that ages well. Juan strives to achieve this in every piece that he makes.