Jui-Fang Hsueh

Jui-Fang Hsueh (薛瑞芳), who has devoted himself to ceramics for almost fifty years, believes that science and art are not a binary choice: both are integral parts of his life. During the first half of his life Hsueh avidly pursued science, whereas in the second half he developed an unwavering interest in art. As a result, he chose to combine science and art to create ceramics of captivating beauty.

One of Hsueh’s innovative techniques is experimenting with high-temperature chemistry to create remarkable colour palettes – a result of the chemical reactions. Using a high-temperature kiln chamber he has undertaken thousands of trials, all of which have yielded countless different colours from the ferric oxide produced in the firing process. Using an ancient poem to describe the wonderful color of the glazes used for classic celadons, Chai Rong, also known by his temple name Shizong, the second emperor of imperial China's short-lived Later Zhou, says the colours are “like the colour of the ray of sun shining through the clouds after the rain stops.”