Karen Henriksen brings a milliner’s aesthetic and craftsmanship to everyday headwear, combining a singular approach to design and pattern-cutting with a passion for beautiful and practical (mostly British) fabrics. Her hats are instantly recognisable, striking a carefully considered balance between elegance, innovation and functionality.
While studying at the Royal College of Art, Karen’s experiments with asymmetric pattern-cutting led to her re-interpretation of a traditional English icon, the flat cap. She graduated in 2003 and has since become known for re-visiting other classic styles such as the peaked cap, the fedora, the cloche and the beret.
Karen designs and makes her men’s, women’s and couture collections entirely in her London studio at Cockpit Arts, where she established the brand in 2005. She is also the author of ‘Design and Make Fashion Hats’ (A&C Black 2009) – a practical, detailed and inspiring guide to millinery.