Artist Karina Smagulova is expertly handling a pot in a studio bathed in soft evening sunlight.

Karina Smagulova

Karina Smagulova is a ceramic artist whose work explores the material’s ability to stretch and deform. 

Karina was born in Patras, Greece in 1995, and today is based in London, England. Working in stoneware and porcelain, mainly employing the coiling method, Karina balances asymmetrical curved forms in the three dimensional world. 

With a background in architecture, Karina begun studying ceramics in 2016 and is continuing her exploration into functional and sculptural ceramic vessels. 


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Objects for sale

Karina Smagulova - Woman no. 67

Woman no.67

Medium: Vulcan fine stoneware

Dimensions: Ø30



Woman no.69

Medium: Vulcan fine stoneware

Dimensions: Ø30


Karina Smagulova - Woman no. 70

Woman no.70

Medium: Vulcan fine stoneware

Dimensions: Ø25


Karina Smagulova - Woman no. 82 LEAD

Woman no.82

Medium: White stoneware

Dimensions: Ø37


Karina Smagulova - Woman no. 83

Woman no.83

Medium: White stoneware

Dimensions: Ø60cm