Kate Hollowood

Kate Hollowood is a designer, maker, tinkerer and thinker, creating bespoke handmade materials and lighting in her studio in Leamington Spa. Kate creates a spectrum of lighting solutions, blending colour and texture, bending shape and form. She says, “How we perceive light and colour depends on both what we can and can’t see. Crafting isn’t just about the end product it’s about the often hidden processes behind it, and it is deeply personal.”

Kate developed ‘Matrix’, her trademark composite material during the final year of her Textile Design degree at Birmingham City University. Inspired by the spectacular skylines and architecture of London and New York, this collection has a LoFi, modern, sophisticated aesthetic.

Kate spends hours playing with materials and experimenting in her garage studio, carefully saving all her waste materials from each project and incorporating them into new ideas. For her, craft is about big ideas that literally light up and fill the room, but played out as small scale production with a very personal approach. The Matrix Lights are fun, bold and playful – as is Kate’s approach to design and indeed life.

Kate sees the future as being where designer and customer are equals, and their dialogue makes space to co-create and experience the full life of a product. She believes that her lighting ‘lives a new life’ in every new environment it explores. Kate values the way in which customers for her bespoke solutions bring new ideas and new life to any collaboration. Kate exhibits widely at trade and retail craft showcases and joined the Design-Nation network in 2016.