Katerina Damilos is a Greek jewellery designer and maker based in London. She sees jewellery as the perfect creative outlet, combining inspiration and problem solving, left and right brain, the artistic and the engineered. It bridges her background in mathematics with her love of art.

A new design may start as an exercise in texture, shape or form. Mechanical considerations will kick in early on: how the piece will work around the body; how gravity affects the way it hangs or sits; how it would scale up or down; and how the initial idea translates from type to type.

Throughout the design process, Katerina explores inherent dualities in shape and form: curviness in linearity, symmetry in asymmetry, softness in hardness, and order in chaos. A deliberate tension which creates contrast and stronger visual impact.

The resulting jewellery is bold yet delicate, understated yet impactful. Designed to make the person wearing it stand out, all day and all night long.

Katerina studied mathematics and built a career in marketing, before deciding to act on a life-long passion for design. Since embarking on a second career in jewellery, she has used her entrepreneurial drive and marketing skills to create several successful collaborations for joint exhibitions and pop-up shows.

Katerina Damilos is a founding member of JeDeCo Jewellery Designers’ Collective Ltd, a not-for-profit company set up to support independent jewellers in building successful businesses and trading individually under one roof. Find Katerina along with the JeDeCo collective in Unit 1.10, on the first floor riverside in the iconic Oxo Tower Wharf on London’s South Bank.