Katharine Coleman MBE




Katharine’s work focuses on simple, natural sources. She studied glass engraving with Peter Dreiser in London in 1984-7 and has work in many international public collections, including the V&A (UK), Veste Coburg (D), Corning (USA) and MUDAC (CH). She exhibits widely, was a finalist in the Coburger Glaspreis 2006, 2014 and 2022. In 2009 received an MBE (UK State Medal) for her glass engraving.

Technically skilled, Katharine works on clear lead crystal with colour overlays, blown to her design by Potter Morgan Glass and Sonja Klingler. She is particularly interested in copper wheel engraving on glass, which was put on the Red List of Endangered Crafts by the Heritage Crafts Association in 2021. To celebrate the UN International Year of Glass 2022, the Victoria and Albert Museum made a short film of her working in their series “How Was This Made?”

Born in 1949 in the West Midlands, Katharine still teaches engraving in Germany and the USA and, as a co-founder of the international Glass Engraving Network, she is determined to see glass engraving achieve its full potential as a contemporary art form.