The designs for Katie Watson’s work start with a walk through woodlands, along the coast and across mountains. On these adventures she draws and studies anything that captures her attention in detail, and creates a design enriched by her imagination.

Using silver as a canvas, Katie translates the drawings on to the metal surface using chasing and repoussé and produces wonderlands of nature in unique pieces of jewellery and silverware. Her work transports you on a journey outdoors, immersed in nature and surrounded by wildlife.

Having graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in Jewellery and Silversmithing in 2018 she continued her creative journey in a residency at Bishopsland Educational Trust where she carried on learning and making. Since she has settled into her workshop in Edinburgh.

Katie’s work has been exhibited widely, in Edinburgh, London and Netherlands amongst other places. She has won many accolades including awards in the prestigious GCDC awards, winning Gold for her chasing and the ‘Podolsky’ Award also ‘Best Newcomer’ for the Silver Society Prize for silversmithing.