Kayo Saito

Kayo Saito

Kayo Saito studied metal work at Japanese Art College and finished a masters at the Royal College of Art in 2001. She has won several jewellery prizes and was shortlisted for the UK’s Art Foundation Awards in 2010. Her work has been presented in many European high-end galleries and art fairs. Some of her works are also found in collections, such as the Worshipful at Goldsmiths’ Company.

All her influences coming from plants and organic forms, the work she carries out revolves around fragility, structure and the vital energy of this inspires her creativity and allows her to fulfil her aesthetic senses. Kayo Saito says she has always seen jewellery as a unique art form, there is an unlimited variety of materials and styles that can be used, along with this she enjoys working on a small scale, describing it as like working on mini sculptures.

Kayo describes that the hardest part of her job is that it can take days or weeks to build a piece, comprised of dozens of soldered joints and then accidentally destroy it with the naked flame when soldering. This is a very intricate and delicate work and makes it very easy to melt a piece.

Kayo also forms part of John Smedley’s collective of British craftsmen in celebration of their 235th anniversary as the oldest manufacturing factory in the world. Together they will be showcasing their collective crafts via retail windows, consumer workshops, special product launches and exhibitions throughout 2019 and 2020.