Kazuhito hand picks grasses, leaves and twigs from his garden, allotment or nearby fields, sowing each blade through the paper or patiently tying twigs together. His works encompass Nature and Time: time for the grasses to grow, for them to be tender to embroider the works. As the grasses dry and mature they embark on a subtle colour shift, comparative to seasonal change.

Once harvested, the hawthorn twigs are de-thorned, cleansed and left to dry for a year before he can use them in his works. Then patiently he ties them up with linen twine, white or black, sometimes even stripping the bark off the twigs. Kazuhito also uses pure white Japanese book binding threads and a range of woods including Cedar of Lebanon, Oak, Elm and Walnut. His interest in shadows is an important dimension to his grass, wood and twig sculptures.

“As the light changes or the point of view is moved, so the shadows will create a new perspective.” Kazuhito trained in Agriculture and Horticulture in Japan the US and in the UK, before studying Art and Garden Design in the UK.

His works are in important private and corporate art collections. His work has been purchased by the V&A and is now on display at the museum’s permanent collection of Japanese art in the Toshiba Galleries. Kazuhito received a Special mention at the 2019 Loewe Crafts Prize with his work Kado (Angle).