Keqin Yan

Born August 1956 in Wuxi, Yan has spent his life dedicated to emboldening China’s rich cultural and academic history. As a celebrated artist and author respectively, where he awards us with a rare moment to steep ourselves in a still flourishing art form. A highly regarded member of both the China Artists Association and of the China Calligraphers Association, he is also a Master of Arts degree holder and a senior journalist. His accolades continue to cement his reputation as an authentic and rightful advocate of the Arts. As a visiting professor of both Beijing Film Academy, Nanjing Art College and Professor of Beijing Rongbaozhai Painting Academy, he is included on the list of National Cultural Talents.

Yan has published books and collections of paintings such as Divine Bone and Buddhist Heart as well as Trivial Talks on Arts, and Selected Ink Paintings. Many of his works of calligraphy and paintings have been displayed at national exhibitions, won numerous awards, and a small number have been collected by the National Art Museum of China, Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Traditional Chinese Painting, and Wuxi Museum. The pieces of this collection have come from a never before seen medley of exquisitely crafted representations of life in the Jiangsu Province of China. In essence, you will see a flawless assembly of skilfully engineered portraits using traditional poetry dating back to the year 779 to lead the narrative. Although only a very small mesmerising fraction of the complete works, this body of traditionally drawn slices of a tale grant you a graceful glimpse into the artist's life.