Kira Phoenix K’inan




Artist and designer Kira Phoenix K’inan brings together her disciplines through works on paper, inimitable glass sculptures, ephemeral installations and multi-exposure photography, all sustainably and ethically produced in her studio in London. Today her collections are known for their rich colour palette, dynamic lines that intertwist into one another and works that are in constant visual flux.
Kira’s love of art and creating began at an early age. She grew up in a vibrant community of artists on Lamma Island, Hong Kong, and would spend weekends exploring the island and developing a close connection to nature. In 2012 she took a once in a lifetime trip, travelling on her own to Hong Kong, Bali, Singapore, and Thailand. During this time, she created a series of watercolour works on paper that explored colour washes and the strength of the line.
Upon returning to the UK, Kira applied to the Ceramics and Glass course at The Royal College of Art. During her master she developed a technique of translating two-dimensional works on paper into three-dimensional glass sculptures, known as the Relief Glass Drawing technique. Since 2020 Kira has been delving into colour, exploring how we see colour and how colour in glass can create emotions in the viewer similar to the way that music evokes emotion.

Kira is part of Design-Nation, presenting at The Future of Craft, Oxo Tower Wharf for London Craft Week.