Kong Niyan

Kong Niyan's craft is woodblock watercolor paintings and copying ancient paintings. After graduating from the China Academy of Art, she began her career as a sketcher at the Shanghai Duoyunxuan Woodblock Watercolor Printing Center, a renowned center in Shanghai.

Kong Niyan has participated in several sketchings of famous drawings, including Sketch of Butterflies, a famous painting by Zhao Chang of the Northern Song Dynasty. She has also been involved in several documentaries about China’s intangible cultural heritage, broadcast on CCTV and other Chinese national channels.

Traditional woodblock watercolor printing comes from ancient Chinese block printing. Mature monochrome printing emerged as early as over a thousand years ago, during the reign of the Tang Dynasty. During the Ming Dynasty, colorful mould printing and stamping printing technology were very popular and exquisite works were produced. Since its establishment in 1900, Duoyunxuan has inherited the traditional manual craft of woodblock printing and is able to mix the spurious with the genuine work of copying calligraphy and painting.


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