After graduating with a master’s degree in Applied Arts from the Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University, Korakot founded his company in 2006 and is today one of leading Thai designers and craftsmen, with many awards to his name.

Korakot started by initially training 10 workers in order to provide them with steady income and career opportunity in the community. His creations can be divided into three groups: sculpture; sculpture and architectural construction; and products.

His work represents the local techniques and Thai culture, while colours and designs have been adapted in order to suit contemporary interiors and aesthetics.

Korakot’s inspiration comes from the environment, which he channels through his works of art in his use of natural materials, such as bamboos and hemp ropes. These techniques have been adopted from from the heritage tradition of kite-making, which he has learned from his grandfather who is an expert on Chula kite. Korakot has added functions into it so that his works are suitable for decorating homes and buildings today.

Through every piece, Korakot feels that he has promoted simple techniques discovered by Thai people to a higher level with designs inspired by the surroundings in his local area. In doing so, Korakot is not only the creator himself, but he also offers career opportunities for the locals – strengthening his community. The product value brings national income which will later reach to the hands of the locals.