Lara Artemis

Lara has worked as an accredited library and archive conservator-restorer in London for nearly 25 years on collections held at the Wellcome Trust, British Library and National Archives. She is currently the Collections Care Manager responsible for the conservation and preservation of archive collections held at the Houses of Parliament. She manages Collections Care workflow requirements for a small team of conservators, who prioritise and plan preservation projects in the archives and across the Parliamentary Estate.   

Her background expertise is in Parchment Conservation, specifically the conservation of illuminated manuscripts dating from 4th to 20th century. Some highlight projects include the conservation and preservation of the Golden Haggadah, early works by Avicenna, Anglo-Saxon charms, Islamic Calligraphy collection at the Wellcome, Audubon’s Birds, manuscript works of 12th century British chroniclers, consulting on the Cotton Collection (Beowulf and Lindisfarne Gospels), conservation of the last remaining tally sticks found after the 1834 fire of Parliament, and the Acts for the Abolition of Slavery and Slave Trade.

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