Laura Thomas

Laura Thomas

Laura Thomas is an award-winning textile artist and designer specialising in producing striking textiles for contemporary spaces. As an expert in woven textiles, Laura has always been thoroughly absorbed by its infinite scope for exploration and experimentation, whether in colour and line, woven and unwoven principles, or the juxtaposition of hard and soft materials.

Laura has a first-class degree, an MA from the Royal College of Art and two research fellowships under her belt, all in the weave discipline. Laura established her studio practice in South Wales in 2003, and has worked on an extremely diverse range of projects spanning public art, commercial textile design, curation, artist residencies and creating work for exhibition.

This breadth of practice and multi-faceted approach has made her somewhat unusual in the woven textiles sphere. Whether it be site-specific textile art laminated in glass or contract upholstery design, underpinning all of Laura’s work is an inherent practical curiosity to exploit weave principles, celebrate the beauty of yarns and create striking aesthetics for this ancient craft.

Laura joined the Design-Nation portfolio in 2019.