Lila Valadan

The story of the house of LILA VALADAN begins in Persia, in the heart of Shiraz, where Lila was born in 1964. When she met Mohammad Naziri, a famous carpet collector, it marked the beginning of a grand adventure full of colours, forms, and myths.

Lila gained her first experience in collecting carpets in 1985. Along with her husband, she travelled through Europe and sold her collection to merchants. Several years later, her passion for unique nomadic carpets led her to open her first showroom in Hamburg, Germany. After more than 20 years in the business, Lila started her own fine carpet production; refining the art of the traditional nomadic carpets – transforming them into novel and independent pieces. In 2005, Lila opened her second showroom in Hamburg, showcasing the Persian art of carpet weaving in connection with artwork from around the world.

In 2012, the next generation was ready to join the family business and since then the company has grown internationally. LILA VALADAN now operates globally with a network that spans from New York to Sydney.

Today she holds 7 Carpet Design Awards and is a board member of the Association of Iranian Carpet-Importers in Europe.