Linda Brothwell

Linda Brothwell

Linda Brothwell is renowned for initiating a repair movement in the arts.

She is currently pioneering a new understanding of the significance of British crafts skills and tools, illustrating the importance of their value to economic, social and cultural development. This study informs Linda’s series of nationwide ‘Acts of Care’ in partnership with museums and galleries.  Recent projects include a major solo exhibition ‘The Tool Appreciation Society’ for Hull’s City of Culture.

She lectures and participates in debates on behalf of the British Council, Sheffield Hallam University, COLLECT and Jerwood Space. She was awarded the Jerwood Makers Open in 2013 for ‘Acts of Care: The Sheffield Edition’, the first edition in the Acts of Care series and shortlisted for Design of the Year in 2009 for her work in Lisbon at Experimenta Biennale titled ‘Bench Repair Project’.

Linda Brothwell’s response to Footnotes centres on a Japanese wooden Geta clog from
c.1930-1950. Linda’s ‘reading’ of the Geta comes from the perspective of an artists and tool-
maker who understands not only the construction techniques, but also the gestures used by
the maker when crafting the object. For Footnotes Linda will undertake a silent
apprenticeship, in the shadow of a maker she will never meet, by following his gestures
which can be seen through the tool marks ingrained in the wood, to recreate the rhythm of
his hand in new objects.

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