Lisa Bennett of In The Making – Aprons




Lisa Bennett is a designer, maker, creative mender and artist. Working from her studio, in hilly, leafy South-East London, she designs and makes highly specialised workwear aprons for artists and crafts people. In The Making – Aprons are made of cotton canvas, denim or drill, selected for the appropriate weights, washability and durability. Utmost attention is paid to detail, finish and strength of construction.

Bennett is inspired by the concept of Japanese Boro; the art of preserving and repurposing fabrics and is mindful of the environmental impact of cloth production. She uses good quality fabric, cuts layouts very economically minimising waste and saves the remnants to make one-of-a-kind aprons and bags for the Boro Collection.

Plastic and metal ware is kept to a minimum and her packaging is a combination of recycled, recyclable and compostable paper, boxes, tape and twine.

Design and craft skills are essential for a sustainable future and it’s vitally important we share knowledge and enthusiasm. Bennett is continually fascinated by contemporary applications of traditional crafts, employing natural and up-cycled materials in innovative forward-thinking ways.