Lison de Caunes

Lison de Caunes studied at the Union centrale des Arts décoratifs in Paris. She then decided to perpetuate the tradition of her grandfather, the decorator and designer André Groult. She started working with straw marquetry in the 1970s and quickly became a specialist of this technique going back to the 17th century.

The straw used is rye straw, cultivated and harvested in Burgundy (France). Dried and dyed, the straw is then opened and flattened in the workshop. After spending years restoring antiques and Art Deco furniture, she now dedicates her craft to creating bespoke furniture pieces, wall panels or objects for interior designers and decorators.

She recently decorated the Louis Vuitton store of the Place Vendome in Paris. She became Maître d’art in 1998*. She takes part in many exhibitions worldwide and publishes books on straw marquetry.

* Every two years, the French Minister of Culture appoints less than ten “Maîtres d’art” for their skills mastery and their commitment to pass on their techniques to another person. This apprenticeship may last up to three years.

Photo credit: 
Philippe Chancel

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