Livia Papiernik is a bold and colourful visual storyteller. As a mixed media artist, she uses painting, patchwork, and embroidery to create surrealistic worlds of wonder. Her bold graphic style is balanced out with soft textiles and intricate embroidery. Livia recently graduated from the MA Textile course at the Royal College of Art. Prior to her MA, she studied traditional Hand Embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework. It is there that Livia mastered the craft of embroidery and connected to its strong historical link to storytelling and female empowerment.

Her most recent collection of work explores current social, political and personal issues through colour and humour. These themes, which are often hard to discuss, are made accessible through the surreal and whimsical worlds that she creates. Each of her artworks become portals from one reality to another, evoking a sense of escapism where one can tackle their subconscious emotions.

Inspired by her surroundings, Livia uses daily drawings, poetry, and creative writings to explore her own mental wellbeing. Domestic spaces, nature and childhood nostalgia are key references throughout her imagery. However, these places of beauty and memories of naivety are juxtaposed with themes of anxiety and sadness, which seep through the cracks of her seemingly perfect curated worlds. The juxtaposition of beauty and tragedy is a theme that is apparent throughout her practice. Mythology, fairy tales, and folklore inspire her narratives and the way in which she encompasses surrealism and fantasy in her storytelling.