Lizzie Deshayes and Tim Butcher


Founding partners Lizzie Deshayes and Tim Butcher created Fromental with a mission to make the world’s most beautiful wallcoverings and fabrics. Each wallcovering from Fromental incorporates a handmade element. The Kareha Lumiere is hand-painted and exquisitely hand-embroidered design featuring skeletal leaves, which are layered over a softly brushed and gradated silk ground. The delicacy of the design has a wistful quality, with the illusion of light reflecting on the fine embroidery and layered textures; resulting in an ethereal composition.

Fromental’s modern take on re-defining traditional styles to create new and exciting designs utilising both monochromatic and vibrant colourways has paved the way in reviving the wallpaper aesthetic. Their wallcoverings adorn some of the most prestigious commercial and residential properties across the globe including: The Goring, London; The London NYC & West Hollywood and The China Club in Hong Kong.